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Every once and a while when we can make time in our hectic schedules Tara and I like to have a quality NYC day. A NYC day is a day spent in the city where we check things off of our never ending city bucket lists. Such activities might include going to new restaurants, museums, and parks, or familiar restaurants, museums and parks that we haven’t been to in a while. We spend too much time on the subway and take so many pictures that we may be mistaken for tourists. Some NYC days can be exhausting because we try to do too many activities all at once, some are very relaxed and casual, but all leave us with a satisfying feeling at the end.

Yesterday was one of our hectic city days, but it was a beautiful mix of everything we enjoy.

10 a.m. Bagels.

City bagels are the best bagels, this is a known fact. So, what better way to start off the day than with a warm toasted bagel?


oops…I ate it.

11 a.m. The New Museum

After our bagels we headed downtown to The New Museum, Manhattan’s only art museum devoted completely to contemporary art. Unfortunately, most of the museum was closed because a new installation was being put in. Fortunately, that meant half price admission! Really though there wasn’t much to see so we only spent about half an hour there.


11:30 a.m. SoHo

Since we didn’t spend as much time as we had planned in the museum we decided to spend some time shopping before heading to our next activity. Lucky for us Prince street was right across from the museum so in a few steps we were shopping in SoHo. Not only did we shop, but we also saw some more art, street art!


1:00 p.m. Elevated Acre

By one o’clock we made our way further downtown to the financial district to visit a newly opened pocket park called Elevated Acre. To access the park you have to go up an escalator from street level, which is partly how the park earned its name. The space was gorgeous! The plant life was lush, it was quiet and tucked away amongst beautiful towering buildings, and it featured sweet views of Jersey City.


1:30 p.m.

Since it was hotter than a sauna in the middle of the desert outside we didn’t last long in the park before we had to get into an air conditioned building. We walked around the area which was full of restaurants packed with worker bees on their lunch breaks. We picked Le Pain Quotidien and enjoyed a delicious quinoa cake and some summer drinks.


2:00 p.m. Nick Jonas Soundcheck

Our next stop was Brooklyn! We rushed over to The Barclay’s Center to watch Nick Jonas’ sound check before we saw him in concert later that night. Besides having to wait three hours to get in it was a pretty cool experience. Tara and I were part of a small group of people who were allowed into the venue before anyone else arrived to watch Nick preform a few songs that he was not going to preform during the show.




5:00 p.m. Shake Shack

After the soundcheck we went across the street for some Shake Shack before the main event, The Future Now Tour.


6:30 Future Now Tour

Before we knew it it was time for the concert! Mike Posner, Nick Jonas, and Demi Lovato were set to take the stage. That’s a lot of good music all at once! Some of the highlights of the show for me were hearing Mike Posner preform Cooler Than Me, talk about a throwback, when Desiigner showed up as a special guest and preformed his viral hit Panda, and most of all watching Tara fangirl so hard over Demi Lovato and Nick J.


I can’t wait for our next NYC day!




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