Cool Shit I Saw This Weekend

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With my final projects completed and ready to be presented on Tuesday I spent time this weekend checking things off my NYC bucket list. When I say bucket list though I really mean list of museums I want to go to, because museums are the only thing on that list. What can I say I love art, and an activity that you can do for less than $10.

My first stop was the new MET Breuer. They have an incredible exhibition going on right now called “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible”. The exhibit, which consists of unfinished paintings and sculptures from a variety of artist, stole my heart from the moment I walked in. I find unfinished paintings so raw a beautiful and being able to experience so many of them all at once in so many different styles was amazing. My favorite one was “Portrait of Maria Munk” by Gustav Klimt. Klimt started this portrait after Maria’s death, but ended up passing away before he finished it.


While I was on the Upper East Side I went to a nearby store called Paper Source looking for a gift for one of my professors. Paper Source is a stationary store, but it’s also much more than that. They have so many cute gifts and things, so many things! It’s the kind of store where you go in for tissue paper and walk out with a bag full of things you convinced yourself you needed in your life. Some things I had to hold back from buying included a plush sloth keychain, a floral print pencil case, and floral print #2 pencils. What I did buy (for my professor) was a box of champagne gummy bears made exclusively for Paper Source, and a marbled gift bag to hold them in. I should probably never go back to this store for my wallet’s sake but I won’t be able to resist.

The next day I headed out to The Frick Collection. On Sunday’s from 11-1 admission is pay what you wish so I dragged myself out of bed and made it there at exactly 12:55, like a pro. I’ve wanted to visit The Frick Collection since I took and art history class in school where we studied a few pieces that live there. The building itself was a piece of history and the art collection was extensive and beautifully displayed, but on a cold Sunday morning when admission is pay what you wish it got a little too crowded for my taste.

On Monday I got to see some more fun stuff while running errands for work. I walked through Madison Square Park and saw the new art installation, Big Bling. I also stumbled upon a Church that is in the process of being gutted. The whole inside was removed and all that remained was the ancient brick structure. One of my favorite part of NYC is finding a random church in between gleaming skyscrapers, I think the contrast of old and new is beautiful. In this case you could literally see the Empire State Building through a hole in the brick church where a stain glass window used to be.






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