We’ll Always Have Paris

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It’s been a whole year since my summer study abroad course in Europe, but I still find myself thinking bout it a lot. I only went on a short two week trip to Paris, Milan, Florence, and Belgium but it was so memorable. The whole experience made me appreciate my favorite city in the world, New York City, even more, it made me more confident in myself then I have ever been, and it opened my eyes to the joys of travel.

While in these gorgeous European cities I found myself thinking of New York very often, not because I wasn’t enjoying Europe, because there was always something missing. I couldn’t wait to be back in New York because I had a new found appreciation for it that I was so excited to explore more. I don’t think enough people truly enjoy where they live and really get to know their home. I don’t want to be one of those people.

I was so confident in myself after returning from my tip. I just traveled all over Europe at age 19! Why would I ever be scared to do anything ever again? I found myself going places by myself, something I would have never done before because I was scared and uncomfortable. Now I wonder…”What was I scared of? Everyone speaks english here!” and all of a sudden there was nothing I wouldn’t do because I wasn’t scared anymore!

I have always liked to travel, I mean I wouldn’t have gone on this trip if I didn’t right?, but this big trip just fueled my desire to see more of the world. No place was too small or too big to go visit, there is something new to learn from every town, city, country, or continent. My study abroad experience was a concrete moment in my life when I decided that I wanted to travel, and now I had the confidence to do just that.

Some highlights of the trip were

Spending every night we were in Paris in front of the stunning Eiffel Tower. We sat on the grass, talked, laughed, and watched the tower sparkle.


Visiting Monet’s home and garden in Giverny France. That day I was supposed to take a train into London, but decided last minute that the $600 ticket was a bit out of my price range. Upon returning to my hotel I caught a group of friends leaving to go to Monet’s house and I thought “why not”. I studied Monet for a few years in grade school and did multiple reports/projects on his life and his work, but nothing will ever compare to the feeling of standing in his living room and sitting in his actually waterlily garden. it was an experience I will never forget. The whole experience really drove home the point that everything happens for a reason, I didn’t go to London that day because I was meant to go to Monet’s house.


Possibly the greatest food triumph of my life was eating belgian waffles in Belgium. We spent the day exploring the town of Antwerp and as we did that we stumbled upon some incredible street art. The most memorable being the small alleyway painted from top to bottom in bold colorful art.


I can’t wait to go back one day to visit the places I am fond of and to explore new destinations!




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