OOTD: Twinning with Tulips

Currently Listening To: 30 Hours by Kanye West

It has been far too long since my last Outfit of The Day post and a big part of that is because it was winter and in the winter I like to hibernate in my warm dry apartment and go absolutely nowhere. So for the few months I shuffled from school to work to home bundled up tight in 4 or more layers of knits and didn’t stop for a single photo. But today that changed! After completing such a huge amount of school work I took a moment to finally breathe, sit, get some sun, and take a few pictures. It was a gorgeous day and this weather will luckily continue through the weekend which I intend to fully enjoy.

Tara and I took a walk over to Bryant Park today, a local favorite of ours, where everything is in full glorious bloom. I wore a pink top from H&M, white skinny jeans, my white Keds, and I threw on my customized Gap jacket over it all.


Have a great weekend!




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