Broadway: Something Rotten

Currently Listening To: Gold by Kiiara

Last night I had the absolute honor of seeing the Broadway production Something Rotten at the Saint James Theatre. A Musical that makes fun of History and all other musicals? Sign me up!

The show captivated me from the first feather hat wielding, cod piece wearing actor that stepped out on stage, after the first song about how awful Shakespeare is I was sold.

The acting was sublime, The singing gave me goosebumps, the set was so cool, the costumes were incredible, and I have never laughed that much in my life. Even the theatre was gorgeous!

I have seen a few broadway shows before, The Color Purple and Chicago being the most recent, and while I liked them very much I didn’t LOVE them. Broadway had always been an interesting cultural experience for me and nothing more until now.

Something Rotten was by far the best show I’ve ever seen on Broadway and I highly, highly recommend it. I would even go back to see it a second time.




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