Sample Sale Finds

Ahh sample sales, the best adrenaline rush you will ever feel. People swarming all around you, heart pounding in your chest, grabbing anything you can get your hands on before a fellow shopaholic snatches it away.

Since I started going to school in New York City, sample sales have quickly become my favorite way to shop. There’s no other experience like it. And to walk away with heavily marked down designer merchandise = PURE BLISS.

Yesterday I visited the BaubleBar Sample Sale at 260SampleSale on 260 5th Ave. I ran into a friend after class who happened to be going and tagged along because I had been dying to go. Literally dying. BaubleBar is a jewelry brand that sells statement necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other accessories. Their prices range from $30 – over $100.

While this sample sale was calmer than the Rebecca Minkoff one I attended last semester, my heart still pounded in search of great deals. I did indeed get myself a kick ass deal: silver earrings, a pink and jeweled statement necklace, and a gold and white floral bracelet ALL for $30!

The only thing better than a sample sale is walking out of one with your head held high because you didn’t break the bank.

Check out my sample sale steals below and share what gets you excited about shopping in the comments!




If you want to learn more about 260SampleSale’s events visit their website , like them on Facebook, of follow them on Instagram (like me!).




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