Spring Break Sara and Tara Style Part Deux

Currently Listening To: Love Yourself by Canada’s very own Justin Bieber

Greetings from Canada,

It is the evening of our second day in Ontario and boy is it crowded here…NOT! Niagara Falls is a total ghost town. But at least we haven’t had to wait for anything at all. It compares to going to Six Flags when it’s raining, you’re wet and cold but at least you don’t have to wait three hours to get on Nitro.

Day One:

After driving for 6 hours we arrived in Canada in the afternoon. We went straight over to our adorable Air B&B to drop off our stuff and then we headed over to the Falls. We froze our butts off but the Falls were breathtaking. On our drive up we hit lots of snowy and cloudy weather but luckily by the time we reached the falls the clouds had gone away and the sun was shining. The sunlight refracted through the mist of the powerful horseshoe falls, creating a spectacular rainbow #science.


We purchased our tourist attraction packages and spent some quality time in the nearest gift shop buying gifts for everyone back home. After buying too many things with maple leaves on them we headed over to our first touristy activity, Niagara’s Fury. This simulation of the power of Niagara Falls was intense and so fun! We entered a room and stepped onto a platform that was suspended above a pool of water. We grabbed onto the nearest safety handle, tightened our ponchos, and faced the screen that wrapped in a complete circle around us. As we watched a film of different parts of the falls through all different kinds of weather we also experienced that weather in the simulation. For the winter scene, snowy soap flakes floated down from the ceiling, when there was a rainstorm we were splashed with water and the platform we were on shook with the power of the thunder. After all that excitement we were ready for dinner, so we headed to a sports bar nearby and celebrated the Canadian drinking age of 18 with some sangria.


Day Two: 

After restful night of much needed sleep we headed out to a local Crêpe place for breakfast, then immediately back over to the falls area to take full advantage of out tourist activity packages. First on the list was the Skylon tower. There we got to take a glass elevator up to the top of the tower and spend some time on the observation deck.


Next stop The Botanical Gardens for the Butterfly Experience! Although it is too cold for the garden to be blooming, the indoor temperature controlled Butterfly room was in full bloom and filled to the brim with dancing butterflies. The butterflies swirled around us as we walked through the small rainforest-like garden, complete with a waterfall.


When it was time for lunch we headed over to a diner to get us some classic American food.


Next up was the Journey Behind The Falls, which was epic. The Canadian Falls are surprisingly quiet. When we crossed the border into Canada I was expecting to be able to hear the falls, but I heard nothing. Then even when we were standing in front of them, the sound of the powerful rush of water was underwhelming. Getting to walk behind them though really satisfied my desire to hear that crashing water and feel all of its power.


Soon it was time for dinner, so we picked out an Irish Pub to go to so we could get an education in beer.


Next up was the SkyWheel, a huge ferris wheel with views of the falls. Both the Ferris Wheel and the falls light up at night so it was all very cool to see.


Since the weather was so foggy the view from the wheel wasn’t the best, so we went closer to the falls to get a better look at the beautiful lights which change every night.


Tomorrow is our last day here before leaving bright and early Thursday morning and we plan on making it count. Stay tuned for more.



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