Spring Break Part Deux (Day 3)

Currently Listening To: Doubt by Twenty One Pilots

Today’s agenda was simple: Food, Wine, and lots of it.

We drove away from the ghost town that was the Niagara Falls area and over to Niagara-on-the-lake, a very quaint historic town in the midst of wine country. We arrived around brunch time and headed to our first restaurant and winery of the day, Treadwell. The restaurant was adorable, I had a glass of sparkling rosé with homemade pasta and Tara had her first glass of riesling that day with duck.


Then we grabbed our umbrellas and hit the streets. We hopped from store to store and saw some really interesting stuff including a fun hat store, a jam store, a cool chocolatier and many more. We told ourselves we wouldn’t buy anything but of course that’s the exact opposite of what we actually did. Some of my favorite purchases include handmade bowls from ten thousand villages, a moonstone ring, and all natural jams. Tara’s favorites are her luggage tag from ten thousand villages, her pearl ring, and a Niagara Falls mug that she found at Starbucks.


All of that shopping worked up an appetite so we headed over to an awesome local pub to grab a beer, more riesling for Tara, and fish and chips.


Next up we went to some wineries for tastings and more food of course. Our favorite of the day was Two Sisters.


Despite the dismal weather and the state of their vineyards due to the season this place was still IMPRESSIVE. We enjoyed a small meal of tapas and  capped it off with a sweet apple spice cake paired with yet another glass of ice wine riesling.

All in all it was a great way to spend the day even if every fiber of my being wanted to climb into a warm bed. I’m glad we made the best of our last day here. Tomorrow we hit the road bright and early to return to America and reality. It’s been real Canada!



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