How To: Start the Semester Right

Currently Listening to: Right Thing to Do by SBTRKT

Starting school after a month of hibernating in the suburbs is hard to do. It’s quite an adjustment to go from zero to 100 REAL QUICK, zero being your couch in your childhood home and 100 being the mean NYC streets. This semester Tara and I went all in starting the Spring 2016 term with a concert on a school night…I know, we’re so bad ass.

So, on the eve of the second day of the semester we trekked down to Webster Hall to see the incredible Alessia Cara. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her name, Alessia is the 19 year old girl from Canada who sings the uber popular song titled “Here”. “Here” is just the tip of the iceberg though, Alessia has an EP titled “Four Pink Walls” and a brand new album called “Know It All” which was just released in November. I can honestly say that every single song she has out is dope. Her songs have soul, meaning, heart, and they’re a lot of fun, combine all of that with her killer voice and you get music that you can’t stop listening to.

The girl can put on a concert too, even with a bad cold! If she hadn’t told us that she was sick I wouldn’t have even noticed…now that’s talent



It was a great concert to start off the Spring 2016 concert series with. With the exception of February Tara and I have a concert to go to every month this semester. Stay posted to see what other concerts made the cut this semester.

One last thing before I wrap this up…shout out to Canada! First Drake then Justin Bieber and now Alessia Cara!? Canada rules!!! Thank you Canada.



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