Month in Review: Winter Break 2016

Currently Listening to: Medicine by The 1975

My winter break in two words: Packing and Unpacking.

This break was an amazing adventure of travel with family and friends. It all started off in Florida with my cousins who I get to see only a few times a year. We took an amazing day trip down to the Miami Art District to look at the Wynwood Walls and go to the PAMM (Perez Art Museum Miami). In the Wynwood art district where Art Basel takes place the art was EVERYWHERE and so beautiful. Miami really knows how to do color.


The PAMM was a huge gorgeous museum right on the water and it was filled with incredible contemporary art.



The museum looked out onto the spot where Cruise ships dock in Miami, and a few days after our art trip we were back in Miami to board a cruise ship right at those very docks.

But before that it was Christmas! We spent the day at a local beach which is my ideal way to spend the holiday.CIMG0666

On the day of the cruise  we sailed away from Miami and had a beautiful view of Miami Beach.


The next morning we arrived in Nassau, the home of the famous Atlantis Resort. However, since it cost $100 a person just to sit on the beach at Atlantis we decided to stay local and go to a public Nassau beach.


We spent the last day of the Cruise on Royal Carribean’s private island. We kayaked in the crystal blue waters and laid on the beautiful beaches without a care in the world. it was Paradise.


After returning home I was off to Manhattan to setup and work a booth at the huge Intermezzo trade show which was held at Pier 94. That was a very cool experience and I learned a lot about the fashion industry.

The next stop was Fishkill New York to visit Tara!


We had a really fun week eating delicious food, shopping, bowling, seeing movies, and hanging out with friends and family.


In between all of that packing and unpacking I was seeing all of my friends in New Jersey and eating more food of course


I was a really great break. Now I am fully rested and ready to tackle 4th semester with everything I’ve got. Sara and Tara are coming for you New York!




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