How to Kick Ass on Black Friday

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So you just ate your weight in turkey and sweet potatoes, and maybe you snuck a green bean or two in there. Yup it’s Thanksgving! That insignificant bridge holiday into the Christmas Season where you gather with people you are forced to get along with and eat way too much food to distract from the uncomfortable table discussions. I have a lot of hate for Thanksgiving but that’s not what I’m here to talk about, it’s what comes after the pie that you force yourself to eat that interests me…Black Friday. My favorite holiday of the year, and the only reason I tolerate the Thanksgving feast, Black Friday is the time for bargain hunters like me to really shine. I’ve only shopped the famed holiday for a few years now but I’ve learned a lot and I would like to pass on my knowledge in hopes that I can help someone else score big. Here are my three tips for kicking ass on Black Friday

  1. Don’t get up at the crack of dawn! Hello you ate way too much last night and probably had one too many glasses of wine you need your beauty rest! Sleep in and save up your energy for navigating the crazy crowds! If you’re worried about the stores running out of merch then you’re crazy. They are prepared for you. The stores work VERY hard to make sure they have enough shit for you to spend all of your hard earned money on. If they sold out of things first thing in the morning then what’s the point of being open all day? Trust me whether you go at 5:30a.m. or 3p.m. whatever you need to buy WILL BE THERE. Also, I’ve found the that crowds of people that go out during the day are much less crazy then the ones that sleep in the parking lot overnight. We’ve all heard those stories of people being trampled and suffocating in crowds of vicious shoppers. I don’t know about you but I do not want to get mixed up with those crazies.
  2. Make a list. When you’re at home sit down with a clear head and make a list of the things you need. Gifts for family, friends, and most importantly gifts for yourself. Treat Yo Self!!!! You made it through Thanksgiving and you’re going to need something to help get you through the next few month of Christmas “Joy”. Thinking about what you need beforehand is extremely helpful, especially with my next tip.
  3. Stay Strong! Do not waver from your list of needs. There is a fine line between need and want and you have to be very careful when shopping, especially during Black Friday, that you don’t cross it. All of the stores are a trap. The second you step through the door you are in enemy territory. Be aware of the fact that they place things in VERY strategic spots to get you to buy buy and buy.You came to get three things and it is up to you to make sure you don’t fall into a haze of deals and find yourself standing in line with an overflowing cart of wants. Fight the system man! STICK TO THE LIST!

With these tips you can conquer any sale. When Thanksgiving is over the real fun begins, and you can have a successful Black Friday if you follow these tips. Get your sleep, make a list, and know the enemy.  Shop on world, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



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