MET is love, MET is life

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My favorite place on the tiny island of Manhattan is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, hands down. Here are my top 5 reasons why:

1) I have been to the MET so many times, yet every time I discover something new. There’s a new undiscovered space around every corner. My most recent discovery was the modern art galleries. The paintings on display were larger than life and I could not help but be consumed by them.


2) Spectacular views of Central Park from every angle. Whether in the Greek wing, the American wing courtyard, or the rooftop garden there’s a different view of Central Park to drink in.

IMAG3098 IMAG3477 IMAG3492

3) The light. The light in the MET galleries is like nothing I’ve ever known. Huge windows in almost every gallery stream natural light in from every angle and straight into my heart.

DSC_1018 IMAG3433IMAG3471

3) College group special events. Last year Tara and I attended our first College Group event for the China through the looking glass exhibition and it was nothing less than amazing. The most recent one we’ve attended was for the new Egypt exhibit the MET is showing right now. College students from all over NYC stream into these free events dressed to the nines and ready to party. The main hall transforms from a bustling info center to a pulsing night club. With a DJ cranking out the latest hits, h’ourderves being served, and drinks being poured we leave all of our troubles behind and enjoy the MET after hours.


4) It’s the best place to go with friends. Whether they’re visiting from out of town or they’re your local homies the MET is sure to be a good time for all. No matter what type of Art you’re into, the MET has it.


5) A MET visit is usually a requirement for at least one of your college courses. If you have ever taken an art history college course in the Tri-State area I’m sure you were required to go to the MET and find certain paintings you were learning about in class to observe them in person. It’s laughable to me that I would be REQUIRED to go to my favorite place in Manhattan as a homework assignment. HA.

Here’s to you Metropolitan Museum of Art, stay classy.



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