The Month in Review

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Tara and I were so busy this month with school and work and fun we didn’t have enough time to write a single post. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

  • Style Shop Retreat to Alstede Farms in New Jersey 

Tara’s club took a trip to the beautiful Alstede Farms in New Jersey. There were apples, pumpkins, vegetables, fruits, and other flowers to pick. We went on hay rides, bought delicious donuts, and bonded over the frigid air. It felt amazing to be out of the city for the day and get a taste of fall. Everyone wore plaid, obviously.

picking apples


new friends


  • Breast Cancer Walk 

Tara and I woke up at 6am to get ready for the breast cancer walk in Central Park. We took the bus from school to the park at 72nd Street and entered a sea of PINK! People were everywhere making strides for their loved ones. Even though our ta-tas were freezing, it was a very rewarding experience. The five miles flew by.

beat cancer

bae and me

  • Pumpkin Painting 

Tara brought home some mini pumpkins from her farm trip and we spent one evening painting them! Mine was floral (of course) and Tara painted hers with multicolored polka dots!


  • Field Trip to Marchesa Showroom

My Fashion Art Professor took my class to the Marchesa showroom here in NY to get a closer look at their gorgeous gowns and to talk to the designers. It was such a cool experience, just standing in the same room as those $25,000 gowns is breathtaking.


  • Tara went to Portland!

Tara’s Merchandising Society Club took a little trip to Portland Oregon to visit the Nike Headquarters. That’s some club huh? She had a great weekend and came back raving about the clean and adorable city. The Nike campus was also super impressive with its huge gyms, impeccable grounds, and beautiful Japanese garden.

12065904_1256774171014962_6813344036271840224_n 12187837_1256774217681624_3546748842979234576_n

Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!



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