To Smorgasburg We Go

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After months of drooling over these Everything Donuts from Flex Mussels on W 13th Street, we took to the streets to satisfy our craving. You see, Sara loves everything bagels with cream cheese and donuts. So these tasty treats may as well have been made for her. They were coated in crunchy, salty, toasty seeds with a layer of warm, soft dough underneath and a center of sweet, sweet cream cheese. So basically they’re perfect.


After devouring these four miraculous donuts, we figured why stop here? Let’s forge on through the underground tunnels of the subways, into the hipster wasteland. Williamsburg was crawling with fellow foodies looking to satisfy their growling stomachs with overpriced miniature food. Smorgasburg, foodie heaven, is located in Prospect Park overlooking the gorgeous concrete jungle.


We grabbed a mango lemonade and watermelon juice, and took a few laps around the park to survey our options. There were 100 vendors to choose from and every type of food you can think of.


We finally settled on: a straight up strawberry ice pop from People’s Pops and a teriyaki chicken hand roll for Sara. And famous french fries with homemade ketchup from Home Frite for Tara. The strawberry pop was surprisingly delicious, containing real strawberries for a juicy, refreshing taste. The hand roll was also excellent, Sara particularly loved the sesame sauce it was paired with. The french fries lived up to their reviews with a fresh taste and wholesome ketchup that is definitely better than that found in a bottle.

IMG_2673 IMG_2672


Before our return to Manhattan, we stopped in Artists & Fleas, a flea market located in Brooklyn and the Chelsea Market. The building was filled with vendors selling homemade jewelry, soaps, and vintage clothing and accessories. Visiting the market was a great ending to our beautiful day. We embraced our inner foodie and shopaholics and had a blast in the process. IMG_2683


Sara and Tara

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