Another Day, Another Dorm

currently listening to: Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King

Four months of summer have finally come to an end. There were pool days, european adventures, and panties….lots and lots of panties. To clarify, Tara spent the summer working at Victoria’s Secret and going on surprise picnics with her handsome prince of a boyfriend. Sara on the other hand went to Europe on a short study abroad trip. She spent the rest of the season in a lavish art garage covered from head to toe in paint and glitter at a suburban summer camp.

The glorious day of return to F.I.T. was a long one. Move in was a breeze thanks to the strong men who carted all of our belongings up to our castle on the 5th floor for us. For the next eight hours, we frantically unpacked hoping to be finished in time for the VMA’s. We wanted to share the fruits of our labor with the World Wide Web. Enjoy.

DSC_0815DSC_0810DSC_0813DSC_0820DSC_0807DSC_0823 DSC_0797 DSC_0801 DSC_0802 DSC_0806


Sara and Tara

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