Reflections of a First Year Fashion Design Student

As the school year comes to a close I have started to think about the incredible year I have had, and all of the knowledge I have gained. Tears come to my eyes as I write this because I am so thankful for the opportunity to study at the greatest design school in the country, and to learn from the best professors alongside some amazing students. I worked so hard to be accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel BLESSED to be here.

Everyday is a challenge, something I didn’t face in any of my high school years, and it’s scary but unbelievably rewarding. At the end of each semester I get to step back and take a look at what I have learned because it will be right in front of me hanging on a mannequin. Being able to create art that people live their lives in was just a dream I had a few years ago, but here I am now making my dreams a reality.

Not only do I get to stretch my mind creatively but academically as well, thanks to the Presidential Scholars program. If there was ever a doubt that all of my hard work in High school was for nothing it was put to rest after being accepted into this prestigious group of scholars. Pres Scholars is the gift that keeps on giving. Professor Buchman, our advisor, is always there to help us with anything and everything. So, while other students struggle to get advisement about courses and class schedules I can rest assured that everything I need has been taken care of. Her dedication to each of the group members is incredible and the program would be much less without her at the head of it all. Every month we are invited to attend a colloquium where we are served delicious dinners and engage in interesting and informative activities. There was a panel of former alums who came to tell us about life after graduation, a flamenco dance group preformed for us, a woman behind the creation of The Lowline (a new underground park being developed) spoke to us about the project, and that’s really just naming a few. As if that isn’t enough I also have the opportunity to take a stimulating liberal arts honors course every semester. In the fall I took Creative non-fiction which enriched my writing experience more than any english courses I’ve taken before, in fact it’s the reason I started this blog. This semester I took Film Art, Film Critique, which changed the way I see movies, and Next Fall I am looking forward to taking Beauty and the Human Ideal in Visual Culture, which explores the concept of “beauty” through art history.

The friendships I have made through the Pres Scholars program are so valuable to me. I have never met so many hardworking, dedicated students at one time in my life. I will miss them so much over the summer and I cannot wait to continue making NY memories with them next year!

Looking ahead I have an amazing study abroad trip coming up that I am so excited for, I am shaking with excitement just thinking about it. Getting to know all of the talented people on that trip will be a real treat. How can you not bond while traveling the world? Paris and Milan HERE WE COME!

What a year,



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