A Perfect Spring Weekend

Currently Listening to: Idea of Happiness (Sebastian Remix) by Van She

This first week back at school after spring break was hard and I spent every minute waiting of it for the weekend. By the time it finally rolled around I worshiped this weekend. Unfortunately I spent most of my short spring break miserably sick, so even though Tara and I went on a fabulous mini vacay my body did not feel rested when I got back to school. I needed these essentials to feel like myself again:

Sewing: NOT FOR CLASS. No, this sewing is all for me and I had fun doing it. Friday was spent at my sewing machine putting together three fabulous tank tops for Tara, Krystal, and I. it’s not as crafty as it sounds I promise. *Pictures coming soon*

Art: It always makes me feel better. This Saturday the girls and I went gallery hopping from the Upper West Side to Chelsea. I LOVED the Keith Haring Exhibit we went to.

IMAG0909 IMAG0905

Food: From Sarabeth’s, to Donut Plant, to Kobeyaki, to Korea town, to a Picnic in the park I was well fed.

Shopping: Speaking of a picnic in the park, we had to stop at Marshall’s to buy a picnic blanket before heading to the park. There just happened to be an adorable suitcase there for only $70, which I promptly bought only to realize that it would then have to come to the park with us…whoops.


Volunteering: Through my honors program at school I got the opportunity to volunteer at Riverside Park weeding the gardens and cleaning up one of their many playgrounds. Volunteering, even if only for a short while, always makes me feel like I accomplished something.

SUN: Between picnicking and volunteering at the park I got lots of sun this weekend and I couldn’t be happier.

City: I feel so lucky for every day I get to live in the greatest city in the world.




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