Decorate A Dorm Door

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My love for flowers is endless which makes decorating for spring as easy as rain in April. I wanted to make something that was a little bit more interesting and less obvious than flowers growing from the grass, here is what I came up with.

First grab a magazine with colorful pictures in it. I used a recent Anthroplogie catalogue which was perfect because the pictures had color, texture, and patterns in them. Then draw the shape of your flower petal on a piece of thick paper and cut it out. Place the petal template over a interesting part of an image and trace.

IMAG0866 IMAG0867

Cut and repeat untill you have a nice stack of petals. Next you need to cut out a circle for the center of the flower. You can do this with more images from your magazine or with a solid colored piece of construction/card stock paper. I used drawing paper and traced a few circles using anything circular I could find around my room.


Since I take every opportunity to use my watercolor set, I painted in my circles with colors that reflected the colors in my petals.

IMAG0871After you cut these out you can start arranging the petals around them, I put like colors together.


Then… glue glue glue! Soon enough you have beautiful and unique flowers to brighten up your space.


Happy Spring!



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