5th Ave. Fabulous

Today Tara and I took a trip to Barney’s New York on Madison Avenue. Barney’s is an essential part of Manhattan’s three B’s, Barney’s Bendel’s and Bergdorf’s, the three most elite shopping destinations in the city. While any tourist can walk into this fashion mecca in their puffy coat and New Balance shoes, Tara and I took it up a few notches. By dressing the part of the rich trust-fund-kids we were completely overlooked by the store employees making us, if only for an hour or two, ONE OF THEM.

My outfit started with this vintage black angora sweater.


It’s hand beaded and considering I bought it for only $20, it’s my new best friend.

I paired it with a tulle skirt from Urban Outfitters ($30)


Calvin Klein Heels and a studded Steve Madden bag complete the look

4 3 2

Overall this outfit probably cost $100 yet it made me feel like $9,000, which is the cost of the coat I tried on in Barney’s.

Stay Fabulous New York



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