Outfit of A Day*

Let me just start off by saying what a terrible person I am for not blogging more. School keeps me crazy busy with homework and clubs. Sara has been doing a lovely job picking up my slack.

Now to the fun stuff!!

*I took these pictures about a week ago so they are not from today, but they are from A day and I still think that counts.

The dreary winter was getting me down so I decided to dress up and show the weather who’s boss. I combined girl and edgy elements to make a cozy outfit perfect for strutting through the streets of Manhattan or, curling up in bed reading a book. I tend to think some outfits are too good to waste though!

Sara and I braced the cold to have a photo shoot in school (I love how normal that is to say, yay art school!). It was actually crazy fun, even though obviously, I’m not a model.

The dress is so flowy and light. I love the way it moves. I tend to judge dresses on how fun they are to spin it, this one gets a gold star. My sweater is huge, I basically feel like I’m swimming in it half the time. But it’s comfy and keeps me warm, even if it is made on 100% acrylic. It is a comfy addition to this dress because it keeps the outfit casual and brings the green in the collar.  My leggings are actually fleece lined tights that I am not even sure H&M sells anymore but they are the greatest things I have ever invested in. I think everyone should have a pair.

And now my favorite part, the shoes!!! I am 10000% in love with these shoes. They are so cute, easy to walk in, and they make every outfit look bad ass! They go with any outfit. I wear them with jeans and dresses. They are such a staple in my wardrobe, I plan outfits just so I can wear them. So there you have it! One green, comfortable, and stylish outfit. How do you stay stylish during this depressing winter?

Dress: ASOS Sweater: Urban Outfitters Leggings: H&M Shoes: DSW 

DSC_0574_1 DSC_0559 DSC_0568 DSC_0586_1 DSC_0594_1



DSC_0597Shout out to FIT’s newspaper W27. They have been nothing but good to me since I joined, make sure you grabbed a copy!



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