Not Your Average College Refrigerator

Every time I open the door to the refrigerator in my dorm room kitchen I am pleasantly surprised. It is bursting with Fresh fruits and vegetables, tasty sauces, juices, cheeses, all kinds of grains, and much more. So many people worry about eating healthy at college but I have to say it’s much easier than I expected. The big problem is that you have to WANT to eat healthy, and most college students don’t want to. If you love to kick back with a bowl of cereal for dinner then this blog post is not for you.

Personally I love to eat fresh foods. Grill me up some chicken or bake me a potato and I’m a happy girl. The best part about my favorite foods is that they are sooooo easy to cook. For every meal I have I like to try and cover three major food groups, at least. Vegetables, Grains, and Meat are so easy to mix together and that’s the way I like them, mixed together. A typical meal for me is grilled vegetables with rice or pasta and grilled chicken. It might seem kind of boring to eat the same things all the time but there is so much room for variation within this basic meal. for instance do you even know how many kinds of pastas and rices there are? I discover a new one every time I go to the supermarket! Plus you can have garlic bread or fajita bread or any kind of bread! It’s best when bought fresh from your local supermarket. Vegetables can change from season to season, and obviously you don’t always have to have chicken, steak and fish will substitute seamlessly. I also change up the way I season the dish. Tomato Basil, Teriyaki, and oil and garlic and three sauces I use frequently and they all yield completely different tastes.

Here is my current favorite: Vegetable Fajitas

Note: This is not from a recipe it’s just me cooking whatever I feel like, also I’m cooking just for me so if you want to make this for more people it will probably take more time.

First wash and cut your vegetables. I used red pepper, eggplant, onion, and mushrooms. I also like to use asparagus, bean sprouts, zucchini, and broccoli. and remember the smaller you cut them the faster they will cook!


put oil in a small pan


dump your veggies in when the pan is nice and hot

Now we add some seasoning. I used red pepper flakes and garlic powder. I also like to use black pepper and rosemary, or teriyaki sauce. Sprinkle your seasonings on top of the vegetables and stir them in as they cook

While your vegetables are sizzling in the pan you can prepare the fajita bread. I drizzled on some olive oil and sprinkled seasoned salt on top then put it in the toaster oven to warm up. Butter also works well with this bread (or any bread), and shredded cheese will melt nicely if you put it on top. I only leave my bread in for a minute or two so its warm but still soft. If you leave it in longer it will get nice and crispy.IMAG0488 IMAG0489

Keep watching and stirring your vegetables until they are cooked just the way you like them.


Add them to the top of your fajita bread, wrap it up and you have yourself a meal in 10 minutes!




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