Today is February 14th

Happy Valentines Day!

It has been said many times and many ways that Valentines day is just a hyped up holiday that Hallmark created so we would spend millions of dollars a year on cards candies and flowers for our loved ones.


While I do believe that this is true I also think that maybe we should see the holiday in a more positive light. To me it’s more than being spoiled by your significant other. Valentines day is also for family and friends. It’s a chance for you to spoil ALL of your loved ones with little treats and to make them feel loved and special, and that’s something that we should all be doing much more often than one day a year.

If you want to take the holiday even further then after you have treated everyone else TREAT YOURSELF. Yeah you read that right! Because before your can love someone else you must first love yourself. So this V-Day take yourself out for a mani pedi, or buy that adorable sweater you’ve had your eye on


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go out and buy myself a bouquet of fresh flowers.



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