The Game Changer

The Game Changer

H M black top
$18 –

H M jacket
$30 –

ESCADA clothing

H M black loafer
$15 –

Pearl necklace

A friend of mine wore this outfit to a dinner I attended recently and she was dazzling. My eye was drawn first to her purse which is the statement piece of the outfit. It’s a Betsey Johnson bag shaped like a vintage rotary telephone that also has talking capabilities.The phone part of the bag is actually a hand-held portable receiver that plugs into your cellphone through the headphone jack. Once you connect the two you can take a call, adjust volume, and end a call through the phone attached to the top of your purse. Not only is this bag a head-turning accessory but it is also a secret piece of tech gear.
Along with the bag she wore a black tank top under a classic black blazer, with bright pink pants and red belt which added a pop of color. To make the outfit even more unique hanging from her ears was a pair of gorgeous earrings from India, a country that she just took a trip to…no big deal.
All of these pieces put together made for an interesting, chic, and professional looking ensemble guaranteed to stop even New York City traffic.

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