W is for Window Seat

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This Winter Break I spent a lot of time on the couch as everyone should during their college break. It was on one particular couch in my home where I sat looking at our window seat and suddenly realized how ugly it was. The window its self was beautiful and filtered a lot of light into the room making it appear bigger and more natural, but the pillows and drapes around it were a huge issue.

As you can see in this before picture these old fabrics with their dull colors and faded prints weren’t doing the window seat any favors. I had to get this room out of Drabsville A.S.A.P.

It took a few weeks, this isn’t Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but I made it work and here’s how.

Meet the Fabrics:IMAG0351 IMAG0348 IMAG0343 IMAG0346

They all have slightly different textures but the color story is the same throughout which makes a cohesive blend of fabircs

I went with Roman style shades because they are slouchy but still formal looking.



The pillows are a mix of sizes but are arranged from bigger to smaller to pull the viewers eye toward the center of the seat creating a focal point.


I made pillow covers and bought the pillow inserts separately that way if they ever get stained its easy to take the cover off and wash it. I used the envelope technique to make the covers which means that the panels on the pillow back overlap to hold the pillow form inside.


From here it’s all in the details.

I added tassels to the Elephant print pillows to draw more attention to the whimsical print and give it a much needed pop of color.


And a rope trim to draw up the middle curtain and give it the slouched look


And that is how I saved my Window Seat from a very dull existence.



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