Band of Outsiders Fall 2015 Menswear Collection Review

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When recently on I came across the Fall 2015 Band of Outsiders Menswear collection and I was inspired.

This collection is casual yet innovative and gives a stylish twist to the typical blue collar work uniform.

I love the colors textures and the subtle yet powerful message of a suit jacket or button down shirt tied around the model’s waist. It struck me as a symbol of the corporate job uniform and when combined with the blue collar outfits shows a struggle between the two social classes. But as all art goes, its all about how you see it…so what do you see?

Band_of_Outsiders_003_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_004_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_011_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_012_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_017_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_021_1366

See the rest of the collection here.



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