10 Awesome Things I Saw This Week

Currently Listening to: Safe and Sound (Disco Tech Remix) by Capital Cities


(in no particular order because they are all equally awesome)

1) Unbroken. This movie was incredible. recently I haven’t felt like many movies are worth paying $11 dollars to see in the theatre but this one was. Hands down. I already had love for Jack O’Connell from his role as “Cook” in the British TV show Skins, but this movie made me gain so much more appreciation for his talent. I can’t wait to see what he will do next.

Jack O'Connell
Jack O’Connell

2) This Tiffany’s ad. A beautiful couple. Yay for love!


3) The website living royal. SO. MANY. SOCKS. It’s a sock lovers dream! Here is the pair I will wear to my camp job this summer.

$8 livingroyal.com
$8 livingroyal.com

 4) A buzzfeed article about Dorota from Gossip Girl. Dorota Rocks and I’m happy to see her finally getting the recognition she deserves. #TeamDorota

5) Maroon Five’s SUGAR music video. At first I wasn’t sure it was real…I mean would you let some strangers come into your wedding and start setting up instruments on your dance floor? You paid a lot for that dance floor!!! But when I saw the couples reactions to Maroon Five’s appearance I was convinced that it was real. There is no actor talented enough to pull of these reactions. That is pure Maroon-Five-crashed-my-wedding joy. 

6) Ellen Degeneres being a boss. As usual Ellen rules but she out did herself with this address to an Anti-Gay Pastor. Way to stick-it-to-the-man Ellen. 

7) 30 Rock. I can’t stop watching this show where NBC Studios essential makes fun of its self, which they happen to do pretty often but that’s why we love them.


8) The Election. This film was recently released on Netflix and I decided to watch it just because it has Mathew Broderick in it but it was totally worth my while. If you’re a fan of 90’s films I recommend it.


9) This little girl feeding six pitbulls. I’ve never understood all of the hatred towards pitbulls and this video just assured me that they are just like any other dog, loyal and dedicated to their owners. Plus…this girl has major sass.

10) The Beach during winter. It’s always cool to see a place that’s always crowded completely empty. Imagine your school cafeteria, now imagine it completely empty. It changes everything! That’s why I love going to the beach when it’s freezing and no one else is there. You get to see it in a new light, get to feel the land and the sea without all of the people around to interfere. And there are no seagulls, which rocks because they are the rats of the sky.


Have a Great Weekend!



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