Time Capsule of the 90s

Having lived through the last four years of the 90s, I am a self proclaimed 90s kid. That being said, I did not get to enjoy to infamous 90s fashion we all know and love.

I got my 90s fix however from reruns of the very popular sitcom Friends which graced American televisions from 1994-2004. My prepubescent years were filled with sarcasm, innuendos, profanity, and scenes that were all probably too mature for a tween to be watching. So it is safe to say I turned out okay, right? Of course I did because this show was filled with valuable lessons and values about life, love, and friendship. It is probably why I am such a great friend today. *flick hair off my shoulder*

Watching Friends now on Netflix, I notice so many other things than just the comedy of the episodes. I see today’s trends… just older. Say what you will about it being too soon for the 90s to come back and you know, maybe these trends never went away and have just been updated. I will let you be the judge of that.


Take the first episode for example, from the casual dress of Ross and Chandler, to Monica’s overall, which are not so popular right now but were in again a few seasons ago, and then Joey’s outfit which is an updated look itself from the 60s. Today, both men and women are seen wearing leather jackets. The tough, rebel look has been big now for a while.


First, the silhouette of Rachel’s wrap skirt is so in right now. Even down to the hemline. The wrap part not so much though. Second, denim, denim, and more denim, all light wash, which is always a big characteristic of the 90s. But Ross, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, and Joey are all sporting some sort of denim. Denim shirts in particular have been increasingly popular the last few seasons. I am interested to see if that stays true this spring. We can all be thankful though that the practice of tying sweatshirts/jackets around our waists has not come back. We have all done it, let’s be honest here but never again… just never again.




More overalls….


And cropped shirts which unfortunately are getting shorter by the season, give or take a turkey.

So decades from now when my children or grandchildren ask about the time period I was born in, I will sit them down, in front of whatever the equivalent to a laptop is, and show them Friends because, in my opinion, in encompasses the 90s. What better time capsule about culture and fashion is there than TV shows? So we will laugh at all the trends that have gone out of style and appliances that probably will not exist anymore. But some of these trends will continue to repeat. That is how it happens in this industry, everything old is new again. Who knows, maybe one day denim overalls will be in again.




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