Missing Manhattan

Currently Listening To: Fallingforyou by the 1975The_1975_debut_album_cover

This song perfectly describes how I’m feeling right now…about Manhattan.

I’m falling for you Mahnattan.

You are electric,

rough around the edges,

you keep me on my toes,

there’s never a dull moment when you’re around,

I want to spend the rest of our lives together.

This long distance relationship just isn’t working. Every morning I wake up and look out the window at my empty block. Not a soul in sight not even a bird in the sky and I start to feel panicked…I’m here for the rest of the month. Every day I will wake up to the same thing outside my window and it makes me want to cry.

Yes of course I love seeing my family and friends, but I saw them when I was in the city too!

I constantly compare everything here to everything in the city. Take my window for example. Here: same thing everyday. There: hundreds of pedestrieans¬†walking by everyday, people lined up for the Rachael Ray show, Ferguson protestors, street vendors, construction workers. Transportation? Here: my car, my mom’s car, my dads car. There: 23 Subway lines, busses, shuttles, taxis, uber, ferry’s, YOUR FEET. Things to keep busy Here: Mall, movies, eating There: Museum Row, Central Park, Bryant Park, Madison Square park, The MoMa, TV show tapings, concerts, street preformers, people watching

I’ve made my case

I belong to the concrete jungle now.



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