We Went Way Out

Currently Listening to: 11th dimension by Julian Casablancasjuliancasablancas-11th

We are packed in like sardines and I’m resisting castrophobic urges. We’ve been standing for almost two hours and it just keeps getting tighter. I’m really appreciative of everyone’s personal hygiene. The girl who keeps flipping her ponytail in my face uses a really good smelling shampoo. You go girl.the anticipation is killing me I want the 1975 so bad, why won’t they start the show already!? And then the lights go out. The crowd squishes impossibly tighter, their screams get impossibly louder, and it begins.

Sunday morning

8:45 a.m.
I reluctantly get out of bed, grab my laptop, say a silent prayer and refresh the Stub hub page. The tickets still haven’t gone down. I deflate like a balloon. I was so sure they would have dropped in price by now. Its the day of the show for gods sake, and no one in New Jersey gets concert tickets the day of the concert! The rest of the day is spent feverishly refreshing and refreshing Stub Hub only to be dissapointed over and over again by the out of reach ticket prices.

it’s the Final hour and Krystal and I have officially given up. We aren’t going. I sigh and refresh the Stub Hub page merely out of habit and there are two tickets right in our price range. I snap them up as quick as…I don’t know, something really fast…and all at once we are going to the concert.

We pack up and catch the next train out of Penn Station. We get to the venue an hour before the show starts and there’s a massive line wrapping around the parking lot. Some of these girls have been waiting in line since 7a.m. We wait patiently through 2 opening acts and when The 1975 comes on it was worth all of the struggle to get there.

I went to sleep with a smile that night and woke up the next afternoon with ” She Way Out” playing in my head and the smell of weed and cigarettes in my hair.


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