Sexy Shower Time

Currently listening to: Waves by Mr. Probz


Nothing is sexier than a hot shower in the gym locker room in the basement of your school…

Just because it could, our shower decided to stop working the other day. It started spewing sewer junk from the drain in the floor and stopped draining water. This predicament ultimately lead to a desperation I have never known. I was so desperate for a shower that I actually went down into the underbelly of my school to seek one out with a working drain.

I put on a workout outfit and packed my shower shoes and towel in a Nike gym bag. But I wasn’t fooling anyone. After finding the locker room I picked the shower all the way in the back and stepped in. I turned the water on and finally find out what it would feel like to stand directly under Niagara Falls. It’s not fun. But, nevertheless it was a hot shower and I can’t complain. After all no one over heard me singing and forced me into joining their acapella group. No one shut the lights off pinned me to the ground threatened my life and ripped out my belly button ring, although that might be because I don’t have one. There wasn’t a giant elf sitting outside the shower, and best of all there were no psychos stabbing me with abnormally huge knives.

When I returned to the dorm Tara informed me that she would be needing to use the facilities in the gym as well. I knew she wouldn’t like going alone so I tagged along and stood there while she showered in the empty locker room. The results were hilarious.

I asked “How’s the water pressure?”

Tara replied “HA! You know it’s not bad if you like deathly water bullets being shot at you.”

Good thing our shower was fixed later that day.



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