A Dream Fit for an Angel

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took over television, the internet, and social media last night as girls, women, and men alike pinned over the beautiful angles on the screen. I was no exception. I told myself I was only going to watch to see how fierce Taylor Swift looked and to hear Ed Sheeran’s angelic voice but as usual I was lying to myself. I, like many others women around the world watched to see unimaginably gorgeous models walk around in lingerie — if some of those outfits could even be considered that.

But I mean come on, they get paid for this? These women were blessed with long legs and a pretty face and now they are recognized as some of the most beautiful women in the world. And some of them have kids!! How does anyone go through childbirth and not have a single ounce of jiggle anywhere?? That is very unreal(istic) to me.

I will note that Victoria’s Secret definitely put on a show. Flashing lights and special effects complimented the outfits perfectly. Sequins, feathers, glitter, and lace all seemed to be trends seen on the runway but when are they not?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would not be the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show without the iconic angel wing And boy were there a lot of wings. Some were large and falcon-esque while others were delicate and dainty like butterflies. Some wings that came down the runway were not even wings they were like golden bulbs around the model’s shoulders and odd shaped vines that protruded their skin distracting from the actual “clothes.” That won’t stop me from buying them of course.

A lot of women get upset and feel a painful blow to their self esteem after watching the show. I will admit to being one of them, but how could you not? They are gorgeous! And their abs?? They must have never eaten ice cream a day in their life. Or bread. But no matter how many times you wish on 11:11 to wake up looking like Adriana Lima you never will. They certainly did not get that way over night and even if you did give up ice cream and bread and all other delicious food, I am sorry to say, you still probably would not look like them (dream shattering, I know, I’m a monster).

If you think about it, yes these models are beyond gorgeous, and yes they are probably living the dream and get everything they ever ask for but they are just selling an image. All Victoria’s Secret does is sell a fantasy. These women are at an unattainable level of beauty but that is the point. No one outside of those 40 or so models is supposed to look like that. If we did we would have no need to buy the merchandise and in turn VS would not exist. We don’t want that now right?

So I will be one of the thousands of women all over the world that continue to purchase things from Victoria’s Secret and I am not ashamed to say it. Because maybe one day my body will look like their’s in the outfits (a girl can dream okay). Let’s be real, my dreams are the only place I will EVER have legs like that.



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