There was a fire

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6:19 I have to leave for class.

I grab my bag and walk out the front door. There’s smoke filling the hallway. White plumes thick at the other end of the hallway and making their way towards me. Two girls stand amidts the smoke one talks into her cell phone.

“…the fire…”

I go back into the apartment. I calmly and sternly say “Tara there is smoke in the hallway and the fire alarm is about to go off.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

6:21 I really need to leave for class.

As I walk down the stairs in a hurry to get out before the fire alarm goes off I realize I forgot my phone back in the room. I walk back up to the room walk inside and see my roomates sitting calmly in their beds on their phones and laptops. Now I yell “There’s a fire! Get your Jacket on and get out!”

Tara asks, “If there is a fire they why isn’t the alarm going off?”

“I don’t know! GET YOUR JACKET ON!”

6:23 I’m really leaving this time

I reach the lobby and see security guards evacuating the first floor. Regina at the front desk is on the phone with the fire department. I’m on the street and walking towards class and I already hear the sirens of the emergency vehicles. I dial Tara’s cell.


“They are evacuating the building. Did you leave yet?”

“Oh. *To the others* They’re evacuating the building. *To me* Okay we will leave now.”

The sirens are louder.

The fire alarm never did go off. The evacuation was preformed mainly by students spreading the word to others to evacuate the building. As my roomates stood outside with the fire trucks they looked up to see students still in their rooms peering down at them. Even seeing the fire trucks they didn’t think to evacuate the building. They stood outside for over an hour watching he hunky firemen at work and were finally permitted  back into the building. It was a cooking fire and luckily no one was hurt. The girls living in the apartment were forced to relocate for the rest of the semester and possibly the year. And now everytime we open the door to our hallway it smells like Chesnuts roasting on an open fireeeeee.



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