Midnight Snacks

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The one a.m. munchies.

Why do I get so hungry at one a.m.? The Cheese-It’s call me from the kitchen. I didn’t even know snack foods could talk. I know better now. I’m sitting in my bed just minding my own business and then “Saraaa…you know you want to eat us”. The microwave is an instigator. He eggs them on. “Saraaaaa you can make hot buttery popcorn with me”

My head says, “No! You just ate dinner a few hours ago.”  But, my legs take me to the kitchen.

I open the fridge and as the bright light pours out I squint my eyes and spot the leftover sushi from today’s lunch. Salty and delicious. It will do.

Satisfied I walk back to my bed, climb in, and chow down.

What will you eat at one a.m.?



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