Dear Wallet,

I was on a mission to find a cute dress for Thanksgiving, preferably something with velvet. Sara and I stormed Herald Square on the hunt for the perfect outfit. First H&M, we didn’t find anything there besides lots of tourists swarming every square inch of the place. Then, Urban Outfitters, which was a risky move, but we left there in tears because of all the pretty clothes we couldn’t afford. Finally Forever 21, the mecca of cheap yet cute fashion. And as I’m sure you all could guess, I did not leave with just one dress, oh no. I found myself with two dresses AND two necklaces. Now before you question my sanity, just look at them. They’re so pretty. How could I say no?

teal dressarrow necklace hangarrow close up

Babydoll Dress: $22.80 Arrow Necklace: $4.90

velvet green dress statement necklacestatement necklace close up

Green Velvet Fit & Flare Dress: $14.90 Tiered Rhinestone Pendant: $8.90

What do you think?



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