Thoughts About Doors and Hollister

Now Playing: Misery Business by Paramore


On this unusually warm day in November (a high of 70 degrees!!?!?!) I can’t help but think of one thing: change. Change in temperature, change in seasons, change in life. The thing about New York City is that everything is constantly changing. It’s really the only constant you will find around here, besides the smell in the subways – that never goes away.

Change can hit you like a truck. One day you’re having the time of your life blissfully happy and the next, you get a phone call or an email, an acceptance or a rejection that alters the course of your life as you know it. Just like that you can go from the happiest you’ve ever been, to scared of the unknown future that awaits you. Because that’s what change really is isn’t it? Unknown. And for some reason the unknown scares the pants off so many of us. And why the hell shouldn’t it? It is a scary place to find yourself. Imagine facing a giant unopened door where any kind of dangers or riches could possibly be behind it. The glistening door knob stares you down, taunting you, begging you to twist it open. In reality you know you have to open the door because if you don’t you will always be sitting in a place you don’t belong waiting for an open door to just appear, that way you can make sure you know what you’re walking into.

Unfortunately life doesn’t just hand out open doors. If it did, there would be no revolutions, no change, no freedom, and no social justice that people have fought so courageously for over the millenniums.

As I walk around Manhattan on this warm fall day I think about all the high school seniors finding themselves staring down that big closed door, wondering, dreaming, picturing their future and hoping the path they are about to walk down brings them happiness. Honestly, I have opened the door and I still have no fricken clue what I’m doing. I blindly follow my intuition hoping I’m not going to fall flat on my face – which could seriously happen because I am super clumsy.

Change is inevitable. That’s it. Learn it. Live it. Love it. There’s nothing you can do about change happening. If you ignore it, you will get left behind just like your favorite shirts that you used to wear in middle school after you realized Hollister and Abercrombie weren’t cool anymore. Change demands to be embraced (tfios reference anyone???). I just hope you find yourself learning to accept change and not crumpled up on the floor like an old Hollister shirt ignoring that it is even happening.



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